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We manufacture canned gourmet vegetables

and ready dishes with the best raw materials

About us

We are a family-owned canning company located in Tudela (Navarra)

At Conservas Medrano we elaborate the rich vegetables of our land in the different campaigns of artichoke, asparagus, stew, thistle , etc. In our desire to satisfy the needs of our Customers continuously expand our product ranges with Regional prepared dishes, Canned vegetables, Organic canned food

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Service and quality

We send our customers the rich preserved vegetables from our land so that they can taste them throughout the year.

Excellence and continuous improvement

We have modern facilities certified by the most demanding quality regulations such as IFS Food

Effort and sacrifice

We continually strive to select raw materials, pampering them in all our manufacturing processes

Passion for canned food

We carry within us the passion for well-made preserves, instilled by our father.

We are one of the main producers of Artichoke with IGP Tudela

We treat each artichoke with care ensuring the quality of the entire process
bonito del norte en conserva

We have been producing the highest quality canned food since 1986

Since 1986 we have been expanding our range of products, always looking for excellence, offering from the best canned vegetables with a protected geographical indication (PGI), such as artichokes or asparagus from Navarra, to bonito del norte from our brand AIMAR, recognized for its quality, and even preparing dishes with traditional ready-to-serve recipes.

The best vegetables from the field to your plate

Keeping the original freshness

Discover our gourmet recipes

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