La Tudelana, preserves with appellation of origin

Made in Tudela, the orchard of Navarra.

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Navarra is one of the agricultural treasures of Spain. The wealth of the Tudela orchad is impressive. The traditionally considered “the best vegetables in Spain” have come from it: asparagus, artichokes, piquillo peppers… The ancient tradition of growing vegetables in the “Ribera de Navarra” goes back a long way in history. The Encyclopedia of Navarra dates the existence of artichoke cultivation to the time of Arab domination.

Currently, the products of the Navarra garden, thanks to their excellent quality and driven by official Certifications, have become a benchmark in the sector, with great notoriety and prestige, and their development and expansion worldwide has been enhanced.

From the Navarra orchads to your plate

conservas la tudelana

Artichoke D.O. Tudela

Known as the flower of the garden for its characteristic shape, the variety “Blanca de Tudela” is grown in Navarra. The artichoke from Tudela is one of the most praised vegetables of Navarra  by restaurateurs and gourmets. Canned Tudela artichoke is distinguished by its production without citric acid, which allows us to have a canned product with a totally natural flavor.


White asparagus

The asparagus covered by the Protected Geographical Indication “Asparagus of Navarra“, has a white coloration, smooth texture, with little or no fibrosity and a perfect balance in the smoothness of its bitterness on the palate, mainly due to the cold nights existing in the production area and the quality of the water and cultivation systems used to obtain it.


Piquillo peppers

The Lodosa piquillo pepper is an intense red pepper, fleshy, compact, consistent and with a turgid texture without being hard. Internationally recognized for its high quality and special flavor, it is distinguished from other varieties of peppers for its special flavor, achieved because no water is used during peeling.

habitas baby

Baby broad beans

The fried baby broad beans are made with fresh raw material, they are calibrated with great care, selecting the smallest and whole ones with an olive green hue.

They have a very smooth texture and a flavor with slight acidity. They stand out for being a highly energetic food, due to their high protein content as well as vitamins.


Porcini in olive oil

Boletus are made from fresh porcini, collected and selected by hand. Our mushrooms come from the pine and oak groves of the Spanish mountains.

Porcini (Mushroom cast., Cep cat., Ondo zuri eusk.) Is one of the most appreciated wild mushrooms in gastronomy due to its deep aroma, intense flavor and smooth texture.

boletus edulis

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