Fish and sea food cakes

The secret of any cake is its texture and the balance of its ingredients. We make fish and vegetable cakes with care and with the best raw materials. Aimar cakes are fluffy in texture, ideal to take completely out of their glass jar and serve in the center of the table as a spread. Both fish cakes and vegetable cakes are ideal to combine with the rest of the brand’s products Aimar.

Without a doubt, the fish cake par excellence is the “cabracho” cake, very typical of the Asturias area. Its flavor is characteristic and is usually a regular at gala dinners or Christmas dinners. It is easy to serve and present as it is ideal to eat with toast.

  • A perfect appetizer to spread
  • Soft in texture, light and fluffy.
  • The flavor of its ingredients is perfectly identified in each recipe.

Hake and shrimp cake

Code: CEDO4240732

pastel de cabracho y centollo

Cabracho and spider crab cake

Code: CEDO4240732

pastel de salmon

Salmon Cake

Code: CEDO4240732

Vegetables cakes

pastel de verduras

Vegetables and fresh cream cake

Code: CEDO4240732

pastel de pimientos de piqullo

Piquillo peppers cake

Code: CEDO4240732

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