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Discover our selection of soups and creams made in a traditional way, cooked over low heat with the best ingredients. Due to their flavor and texture, they are perfect as a starter for a delicious lunch or dinner. They are a light and healthy option, and a quick way to introduce fish and vegetables into the daily diet.

At Aimar we make both creamy soups and chowder in the most traditional and homemade way possible, in this way we get canned food ready to drink and very healthy.

Soups and creams Aimar are ideal to combine with our ready meals or with our vegetable and fish cakes.

  • Traditional home cooking
  • Products made under the standards of “Artisans of Navarra” y “Reyno Gourmet”
  • Perfect to consume throughout the year
  • Available in 2 different formats: 500ml and 1L.
sopa de pescado

Chowder (fish soup) 1/2L

Code: COSP3637

crema de marisco

Creamy seafood soup 1/2L

Code: COSM3637

crema de boletus

Porcini Mushroom Soup 1/2L

Code: COSB3637

crema de alcachofas

Creamy artichoke soup 1/2L

Code: COSA3637

crema de espárragos

Creamy Asparagus soup 1L

Code: COSE3037

crema de marisco 1 litro

Creamy seafood soup 1L

Código: COSM3037

crema de alcachofas 1 litro

Creamy artichoke soup 1L

Código: COSA3037

crema de boletus 1 litro

Porcini Mushroom Soup 1L

Código: COSB3037

sopa de cocido

Cooked soup 1L

Código: COSC3037

sopa de pescado 1l

Fish soup 1L

Código: COSP3037

escudella 1 litro

Escudella 1L

Código: COES3037

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