The value of traditional recipes

Aimar was born in the docks of Pasajes and San Sebastián, in memory of the traditional cuisine that our grandmothers poached over low heat. There, the fishermen recovered their strength with exquisite marmitakos and ruminated on the great secrets of bonito, tuna, squid, cod and the tastiest soups and creams. Recipes spun at the foot of the port for a consumer who increasingly demands more elaborate dishes, of high culinary value.


Ready meals

Aimar’s prepared dishes leave no one indifferent, cooked with the best raw materials and based on traditional and regional recipes such as potatoes a la Riojana or cod al ajoarriero, we carefully prepare ready-to-serve dishes that are healthy at the same time.

platos preparados aimar
sopas y cremas Aimar

Soups and creams

In our desire to innovate, adapt to the needs of our customers and increase our product range, we have developed our range of soups with the following flavors:

  • Fish soup
  • Seafood cream
  • Boletus Cream
  • Artichoke Cream
  • Asparagus cream
  • Cooked soup (Escudellá)

Canned white tuna

At Conservas Medrano we make bonito with olive oil according to the international prestige it has. We select the pieces of fresh bonito in the fish markets of the Basque Country such as Guetaria (Spain) and San Juan de Luz (France) and we carry out the canning process in oil in less than 24 hours in our factory in Tudela. We carefully choose the type of oil that best enhances the qualities of each part of the Bonito.

bonito del norte en conserva
platos vegetarianos y veganos

Vegetarian and vegan ready meals

La nueva gama platos vegetarianos y veganos a base de legumbre la hemos desarrollado porque cada vez más gente quiere comer 100% saludable, cada vez más gente quiere comer de forma sostenible. Distintas recetas a base de legumbre y verdura que nos permiten comer sano varios días a la semana:

  • Lentil cooked with vegetables
  • Chickpea cooked with vegetables
  • White beans cooked with vegetables

Fish and vegetable cakes

The secret of any cake is its texture and the balance of its ingredients, that is why we elaborate fish and vegetable cakes with care and with the best raw materials, whether they come from the fish markets or from the garden. Among the cakes we have are:

  • Piqullo pepper cake
  • Vegetable cake and fresh cream
  • Salmon cake
  • Cabracho and spider crab cake
  • Hake and prawn cake
pasteles de pescado aimar
conservas aimar
conservas aimar recetas tradicionales