White tuna in olive oil

At Aimar we take the “bonito del norte” (white tuna) very seriously. We select the pieces of fresh bonito from the best fish markets in the Basque Country and we make fresh bonito preserves in less than 24 hours from their collection. Bonito in oil is considered a delicacy with recognized international prestige. This fish, also known in some places as albacore tuna or white tuna, can measure almost five feet and weigh up to 60 kg. At the end of spring is when it is located in the waters of the Cantabrian Sea, the fishing is carried out with a hook to try to make the fish suffer as little as possible and obtain a higher quality meat.

  • Authentic Bonito from the Cantabrian Sea
  • Made from fresh bonito del norte
  • We make the bonito with the ideal olive oil to preserve its flavor and characteristics
bonito del norte 240gr

White tuna in olive oil 240gr

Código: CEDO4240732

bonito del norte 400gr

Albacore tuna in olive oil 400gr

Código: CEDO4240732

bonito en aceite 900gr

Albacore tuna in olive oil 900gr

Código: CEDO4240732

ventresca de bonito del norte

Tuna belly in olive oil 240gr

Código: CEDO4240732

migas de bonito

Migas de bonito in oil

Código: CEDO4240732

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