The Company

Conservas Medrano was created in 1986 as a family Company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of preserved products. It aims to promote the consumption of vegetables typical of our region through the national territory and extend this consumption to the adjoining countries.

Since 2000 our brand VENCEROL is positioned in the major shopping centers of Spain and France through the extensive sales and distribution network, as well as the high quality of product and service guarantee.

In May 2008 Conservas Medrano starts by making the vegetable most recognized of his city “Tudela artichoke”, production protected by de Designation of Origin (PGS). Then join this bet two vegetables selected from our community also recognized, such as the pepper “Piquillos de Lodosa” and white asparagus “Espárrago de Navarra”, all under the brand m.LA TUDELANA.

After the development of niche products, in 2009 starts with the production Extra Virgin Olive Oil Biological branded PAGOS DE AÑAMAZA, product protected by PGS “Aceite de La Rioja”.

In 2010 Conservas Medrano launches CAESA, frozen vegetable line of high quality and great gastronomic value among them fungi, mushrooms, green asparagus, artichokes, etc.

In 2011 Conservas Medrano commitment for the development of high quality cooked dishes acquired Deliconservas Company in Lekumberri (Navarra). Under the brand AIMAR produces handmade typical northern dishes and canned fish.


Conservas Medrano offers a wide range of canned and frozen vegetables, both national and international, high quality and competitive prices thanks to modern and powerful production processes. The quality of our products is guaranteed by a rigorous selection processes and sorting at source under European legislation. Those are contrasted by exhaustive quality controls backed by IFS and supervised by an efficient traceability system.



Conservas Medrano opened in 2007 its 4200 m2 facilities, integrating production, storage and offices in a single building.

In 2011 starts with the production of cooked dishes and canned fish in their facilities in Lekumberri; 3000 m2 including offices, manufacturing area, cold store etc.

Conservas Medrano opened in 2009 the factory associated SAT Valle del Añamaza in which is produced the biological olive oil.



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